Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fives - What's in your fridge?

This week's Friday Fives....

What 5 Things are Always in Your Fridge???

1. Dales Sauce

I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.  We put it on everything!  Veggies, beef, turkey, chicken, soups....mmmm.....not all grocery stores carry it, but you can find it at the link below.

2. A Pitcher of Lipton Tea
I don't drink it (too full of calories for me!) but hubby LIVES on this stuff.  We got through one of the huge powdered canisters a week.  It's crazy really.

3. Wine & Bud Light
Always :)

4. Crescent Rolls
I love them, and there are so many different meals I can make with them.  I always stock up when they are on sale!

5. Veggies

We have some type of veggie with each meal.  I always have something in there!

What's in your Fridge?  Link up to Beth at Just Me and My Life!!

1 comment:

Lisa♥H said...

Ahhh thank you! I've missed you too!

BTW what's a fridge WITHOUT crescent rolls, definitely not a well stocked fridge! ha! yummy! Have a great weekend!