Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jaxson's First July 4th!

Jaxson had a fun filled July 4th weekend!  My parents came in town to spend time with us - my favorite!!  There is nothing like watching my precious parents love this little boy.  He has stolen their hearts for sure.  And, my Mom did the night time feedings, so I was able to sleep for two whole nights!  Praise God!  I still feel better and that was 4 days ago!  She is an angel.

Already the best of buddies

Daddy cooked us some amazing ribs! 

We also went to Jenny & Mac's house.  Jenny is Hubby's sister.  They hosted a wonderful afternoon with amazing burgers and great family time.  It was really nice having both of our families together.

Grandpa & Gigi
Here in Houston, there was a fireworks ban.  I felt really badly for all of the people that make their livings selling fireworks a few times a year.  I understand the band because it is so dry, but it makes me sad.  I'm sure doggies in the Housston area were thrilled - haha!  So, Jaxson didn't have any fireworks on his first July 4th celebration.  Next year :)

Jaxson and Grandpa share an excitement for NASCAR.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw how sweet! Glad y'all had a nice time!

Candice said...

He looks so much like your dad! I love it! :) Can't wait to see you!