Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Completing Him Challenge - Week #4

Good morning Ladies!  I am SO LATE this week with our challenge - I got all thrown off with the wonderfully long weekend, and had a crazy busy day I'm joining in today : )

This weeks Marriage Challenge is: Admire Your Husband.  If you are a blogger write a post all about your husband and what you admire in him and then show it to him!  He will smile!

Courtney states that showing this to him is so important.  She says, "You may THINK he already knows the things you admire about him - but I'm afraid we don't tell our husbands often enough how much we do."  She is so right!

Here are a few things I love about my husband:

1. His integrity.  He always does the right thing.  Always. 

2. I trust him.  Completely.  He has always been honest with me, and I never, ever have a reason or a need to second guess anything that he tells me.  I am learning through my friends and others that this trait is rare.  I value the trust and honesty in our marriage oh so much.

3. He is so loyal.  To me, to his family and to his friends.  He would do anything for any of us, and he does not want anyone speaking ill of us.  He will stick up for me regardless of the circumstances.

4. He is driven and successful in his career.  He works so hard and always strives to be the best.  I am so proud of his performance and the pride that he has in his work.

5. He is so responsible.  He makes me more of an adult and does what he knows needs to be done.  I don't have to nag him to do things - it's usually the other way around!  He is more than content to pull his weight with chores and cooking and other things around the house.  I appreciate this so very much.

6. He is so funny.  He is constantly making me laugh, and I just love his laugh.  His eyes smile when he gets tickled.

7. He loves our dog.  I know it sounds silly, but he adores Bandit just as much as I do.  They have a sweet, wonderful bond and I know he is going to be an amazing Daddy someday.

I am very blessed to be married to such a wonderful man!

Link up to the Completing Him Challenge to share things about your husband!

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