Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Completing Him Challenge - Week #5

I'm a day late - but I'm still participating in Week #5 of the Completing Him Challenge.

Week #5 Challenge: Make a list of 5 things you currently do and ask your husband to prioritize them for you of what is important to him.  For example - a clean home, home cooked dinner, coupon clipping, service at church, having friends over for dinner, watching/doing sports with him, etc.

I love the idea of asking my husband what is important to him.  Just last night, I went to the grocery store and spent a pretty good amount of time picking out our groceries.  We are trying to eat healthy, so I got tons of fruits and veggies.  I also got my things to make my husband's favorite meal - chicken fried steak (we live in the south okay? - haha!).  Well, when I got home I gave him a smooch, and started cleaning and cutting up our fruits and veggies.  If I don't do that right away, we won't eat them and I'll be throwing them away a week later.  Then, I started the prep work for tonight's chicken fried steak dinner.  Marinating the steaks, making the breading mixture, peeling the potatoes...so that he won't have to wait too long tonight for his dinner.  (PS - I learned a VERY important lesson.  DO NOT put potato peelings down the sink.  An hour and a plunger session later...)

Anyway, by the time I sat down it was almost 9PM.  Hubby was upset because we hadn't spent any time together all day.  Then I felt badly, and asked him why he didn't say something.  He said I seemed happy to be doing all of that stuff that I wanted to do, so he left me alone.  Trust me, I didn't want to spend 2 hours messing with food, I was doing it "for him".  It's so funny - had I just asked him what he wanted to do, all that mess could have been saved.

The most difficult part of being married for me is balancing my time and trying to do it all.  Hubby is constantly reminding me that just because I am a wife doesn't mean that I have to have a perfectly clean house, an amazingly stocked refrigerator, a coupon for everything I buy, or a full social calendar.  He just wants me to be me.  That is so refreshing.  I am excited to see what he says about my priorities!


Lisa♥H said...

You will be so blessed by the challenge this week! Thank you for your comment! It's amazing how I feel a weight is lifted off my shoulders where cleaning,cooking, and laundry are concerned ;o) As working women we put so much pressure on ourselves to get it all done! When in reality our hubbies are pretty easy, they just want time with US! Praise God!
Have a blessed week!

Kerbi said...

What a great challenge! What a great reminder to ask our husbands what they need for us instead of just assuming.

Candice said...

I love this! Isn't it funny how you think you're doing everything he wants and then you find out he just wants you to be together?? :)

kristent1 said...

Great post! I have so done this exact same thing! I agree the balance can be so hard!