Monday, July 19, 2010

Completing Him Challenge - Week 6

This week's challenge is a hard one for me.  It's to spoil your husband, by making his favorite drink, meal, and dessert.  I totally love the idea of this, but it doesn't work very well for us.  It is rare that I make dinner, unless I make soup, something in the crock pot or a casserole the night before, so that we can heat it up when I get home.  And, none of those things are his favorite.  I usually make good dinners for him on Sundays.  You see, hubby gets home hours before I do (gotta love inside sales vs. outside sales - haha!) and it's really hard to cook a full meal before 8PM sometimes, and he doesn't like to wait that long to eat, which I totally understand.  This week is no exception - I worked until after 7 tonight, and probably will the rest of the week. 

So...for my variation, I asked hubby if I could take on a date night to his favorite place - Shogun!!  He LOVES sushi rolls.  I mean LOVES.  He is so excited that we are going to have sushi this week - my treat :)  I know he feels special, and he is happy that I am taking him somewhere he wants to go, just for him.

So, this is my version of the challenge as a Not A Mom, Busy Working Wife :)

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Hannah Jo said...

I totally understand about being a Not a Mom, Busy working wife:-) It is SO hard to come home and cook sometimes. I try to do crockpot meals and stuff I can cook ahead of time.

We LOVE sushi too! It's what we ate on our first date and any time we can eat it is a celebration!

Lisa♥H said...

That's awesome! You made him a priority, and made him feel special!!! And THAT is what our challenge was ;o) I guarantee that your evening will be blessed! And YUMMMY Sushi! I love sushi dates!!! Have fun!