Monday, October 24, 2011

Erin Condren Deal - 50% Off!!!!!!

Remember how I posted about how much I adore my Erin Condren goodies?  Well, imagine my pure glee when I saw the email from Plum District this morning - $50 vouchers for only $25!!!!  This is what I did when I placed my first order with Erin Condren, and I'm doing it again to get my Christmas cards from her!  They are adorable!  I bought the full amount, 3, which means I will get all of my Christmas cards paid for for only $75.  Can't beat that!  I wish I could buy more of these, I so would!

Here is her site -

Here's how the vouchers work - You register and purchase them from Plum District.  You pay $25 for each one (limit 3), and you get a voucher number for each one.  You then go to Erin's site and choose your goodies!  Then, when you are finished, you apply the vouchers to your purchase.  It can be used for anything but shipping and taxes. 
Anyway, I had to share this deal with you before I headed to work this morning, here is the link to the vouchers if you are interested.

Hope you all have an amazing blessed day!

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