Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bahama Mama!

As you may know, I was heartbroken and scared to death at leave my 4 month old little man for 5...yes FIVE long nights.  Well...we both survived!  And, Hubby and I had an amazing time just being us again.

So, I cried the whole way from our house to the airport.  That's about a 45 minute drive.  I almost turned around at the end of the neighborhood, but I couldn't bring myself to call Hubby and tell him that I wasn't coming.  So, I went.  I sat in the parking garage giving myself a talk. "Michelle, you have to get it together.  He will be fine.  You have to put on your make up.  You don't want to meet the other wives looking like this."  So, I pulled it together and I made it.  Turns out, the other wives were pretty sad to leave their little ones too.  We all felt sad to leave our littles.  Talking about it made me feel much better.  I upgraded to first class and had Bailey's in my coffee and read a book.  I haven't read a book that wasn't related to pregnancy or baby development in over a year. I felt a rush at being just a little selfish.  It felt good!

By the time we got to our connecting flight in Atlanta, I was okay.  I felt okay for the rest of the trip.  I missed Jaxson of course, but I didn't cry, and I didn't get upset the whole time.  I was able to sleep.  Like, really sleep.  Like I used to sleep before I was a mom.  I don't think I've really truly slept since Jaxson was born.  I kind of half sleep, half listen to make sure he doesn't need something.  Hubby and I had uninterupted conversations.  We slept in, ate what we wanted when we wanted and had more than two drinks at a time. It was like we were dating again.  I loved it!

We stayed at The Atlantis.  I didn't love it.  You can smoke everywhere in there, and it was so smokey.  Everything we took had to be drycleaned when we got home.  People smoked in and around the pool, in the lobby, at all the bars and restraunts, and especially in the casino.  Yuck.  And, I'm not being over sensitive, the smoke in Vegas doesn't really bother me.  It did here though.  Secondly, there were tons of kids.  But, I wouldn't choose that for a family vacation.  Next, the food was WAY expensive and not that great.  It was more expensive than going to a Texans game.  Hamburgers were $25.  A drink by the pool was $13.  That's a lot.  And, the rooms were not that nice and the grounds were not pretty.  I was beyond unimpressed.  I just had to share hat, because I had heard wonderful things about it and was so excited to go.  I will not go back.

That being said, here are some pictures from our trip :)

We ate at a place called The Poop Deck.  It was outside and overlooked the ocean.  Love.

At dinner at Nobu.  Amazing food.  This was the first time I was able to have sushi in over a year.  It was FABO.  I even tried conch sashimi.  I'm proud of myself for trying it, but it was not for me.  It was the consistency of an eraser.

Our group.  Hubby's coworkers and the wives.

Hubby enjoying and over priced and over cooked hamburger at the resort - haha!
We took our friends to the Fish Fry.  This is our favorite part of the Bahamas.  They have the greatest food ever!
MMMmmmm....makes my mouth water!

Us enjoying the beach! 
We loved the beaches there, and the lazy river was amazing.  I could have floated around in there all week long!

All in all, our vacation was a success!  We came home to a baby that was BEYOND off his schedule, and 2 1/2 pounds, oh yes, I said 2 1/2 pounds - heavier than when we left him.  We hardly recognized him when we walked in the door - haha!  It took me a full week to get him back on schedule and we are still trying to get the food stuff back on track...but we are getting there.  He was well taken care of and very, very LOVED.  And, isn't that the most important thing?


Veronika said...

wow girl! I am amazed at that bikini pic! you look awesome :) glad you had a relaxing trip!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey, I've been waiting for this post! :) haha

I'm so glad you were able to go on that trip and that you had a nice time! You were able to sleep in and spend some alone time with your hubby! How fun! I'm glad it went well and that you survived it! ha!

The pics are great! Thanks for the review on the hotel too.. good to know! We love the Bahamas but I have also heard from others that the Atlantis was overpriced and overrated!

Candice said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time. It's so nice to have some couples time. I'm so glad to hear about that resort, I've always wanted to go there...maybe I'll rethink that. So...what were they feeding Jaxson while you were gone? LOL!

Kelly's Avenue said...

Hot mama, you look good!!!

Glad you had fun!!!

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