Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gift Idea & Etsy Rave

I adore giving gifts.  I mean, I REALLY adore it.  I search for the perfect Christmas gifts for months, imagining how happy people will be when they open them, and how much they will enjoy them time and time again.  When I finally find the perfect gift, it makes me so very happy!

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Well, I found that gift here recently, and I just have to share it with you!  I was looking for one of those "Established" signs for a couple that is celebrating Christmas in their new home.  I saw tons of the at stores and craft shows, but they were really expensive.  With the baby coming, we are doing a light Christmas this year, but I still really want it to be wonderful and thoughtful.

I headed to my go to site - etsy, and I stumbled across Renee's shop - Nestlings.  She was such a pleasure to deal with, and it is so evident that she truly loves what she does. She sent me back a proof within a day, and I had my gift so quickly!  She communicated with me throughout the entire process, and when I got my sign in the mail - I knew it was going to be my favorite gift to give our friends this year!  It came wrapped beautifully and professionally, with a pretty green bow (I'm a sucker for bows!).  The sign itself is amazing quality, and much more beautiful than the ones I have seen in person for 3 times the costs.  If you are looking for something like this for Christmas, weddings, or anything else, check out her stuff!

No, I was not paid or given anything to write this up, I just wanted to share an amazing find with all of you :)

Here are some of her beautiful products -


Candice said...

Love LOVE LOVE! I was just looking at these today! I was looking for us, but you're right, what a great gift idea!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute signs! I looove etsy and also giving gifts. It gives me such joy too!