Thursday, November 11, 2010

Advice Please...Gender Reveal Parties & Progressive Dinner Ideas...

Most of the most wonderful ideas, decorations, and foods I have ever made have come from you amazing ladies out here in blogland.  So, today, I need you!  I have two requests today : )

First, we are going to have a gender reveal party!  We are thinking of doing it in just a couple of weeks, so I am thinking that an informal evite or email would be okay - what do you think?  I need some fun cutie ideas!  Does anyone have cutie invite wording or other places or inspiration?

Secondly, I need help with our neighborhood Christmas party!  Remember last year, we did An American Christmas, and we made food and drinks for Arkansas?  This year, we are doing the ABC's of Christmas, and we drew the letter "A"!  Since we are doing it with two other couples...of which all three wives are Aggies *WHOOP*, we decided on the theme, "An Aggie Christmas Tailgate" haha!  I have to give hubby credit for his one - totally his idea. 

Here's the scoop - there are 12 (yep, that is a whole lot!) houses this year.  Each house represents a letter, and the hosts make a few small food items and a signature drink that goes with their theme to serve for the 30 minutes that everyone spends at their home.  We want to be really creative this year!  And, since we are doing it with two other couples, we can make more things : )

Okay, I'm ready for your amazing, creative ideas!  Thank you ladies so so much for helping me!


Liz said...

Don't have an idea yet for the Christmas party, but I will tell you what I am doing for the baby reveal.

We have known the gender since 14 weeks (I am not 25 weeks). We decided that at my baby shower we will reveal the gender as well. The theme of the shower will be "What's it going to bee??" Decorate with bumble bee theme. We will have a cake and reveal the gender by cutting the cake and in the inside will be the color of the gender.

I have read people asking their guest to wear the shirt color they think the gender is and everyone is given a cupcake. Everyone bites into together reveal the color of the filling.

I will think about the Aggie themed stuff. That would be fun.

Lisa♥H said...

Oh my word!!! I'm just catching up on blogs and here I find that you have FANTASTIC news ;o) Michelle I am so excited for you!!!
I think sending an evite for the gender reveal is totally ok!! Especially if it's a casual get together!

Hmmm Aggie themed food? How about for a drink (non alcohol of course!) Hot Aggie Apple Cider? You can put it in a crock pot, making your home smell AMAZING when everyone walks in! Or how about Aggie Artichoke Dip! That's about as creative as I get ;o)

Have a blast & congratulations again!!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1;17

michelle ellis said...

Liz, I adore the baby shower idea! The "Bee" theme is just too cute!! I can't wait to see pictures!! I think I will steal your cake idea - thank you so very much!

michelle ellis said...

Lisa, thank you for the congrats and the beautiful bible verse. I love it!

We are totally going to make the Aggie Artichoke Dip!!! And that Apple Cider sounds amazing, and perfect for me! Can you tell me how to make it?

Thank you so so much!!!!

Lisa♥H said...

Michelle try this one: