Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby's First Gifts

This baby is already spoiled, and oh-so-loved!

He got his first mail this week - from one of my most favorite people in the world - my Aunt Cinny!!  She always chooses the most perfect, wonderful things!!
How adorable is the swaddle blanket, and the matching burp cloths??!!  I love green, and the patterns are so cute!  Now...I just need to learn how to swaddle...

How sweet is this little outfit?  It is the softest thing I have ever felt.  Ever!  Maybe the Baby came wear this home!!

And our first receiving blanket.  It is just as soft as the outfit.  The trim is so sweet, I just love it!  Thank you so much Aunt Cinny, from the bottom of our hearts!!!

And...he got his first little socks!  Gamm-E bought these for us, and she bought boy ones and girl ones, since we don't know just yet.  And, a Pooh bear that sings "You are my Sunshine", which just so happens to be one of my favorite songs from my childhood.

Thank you for the goodies!! 

Now, we just need to clean out a room to start putting all the baby's little treasures....


Nicole-Lynn said...

How sweet! Your family is very thoughtful!

Joanna said...

I melt when I see baby stuff! I left you a blog award on my blog :)

Candice said...

Hey girl! I have been making custom burp cloths! Can you send me your address in email ( or in facebook so I can send you some? :)