Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Carved a Pumpkin!

Sometimes I feel like it's my "job" in our marriage to do the cutesie fun things that I think wives are supposed to do. This includes carving a pumpkin for Halloween. Last week was incredibly busy, so I bought a small one and didn't carve it until Saturday afternoon. Oops.

I printed a small Texans Logo, and taped it to the pumpkin. Then, I used a safety pin and punched holes all around the outline. Next, with the help of a steak knife, a paring knife, and a razor blade - I carved our pumpkin. It was a giant pain and took quite a bit longer than I thought, but Jeff really liked it, which is all that matters. I should have cleaned up the inside of it a little more, but I was over the whole thing by this time : ) I put one of the led candles from our wedding in it, and it is still going!

Then, I washed the seeds, dried them, put them on some foil on a cookie sheet, salted them, and broiled them for about 15 minutes. They were so good, and the girls loved them!

Overall, I think our first married Halloween was a success!

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