Monday, September 28, 2009


does my husband feel the need to move my stuff!

I was doing laundry yesterday, and I emptied my jeans pocket in the closet. I took out a receipt from lunch, and my access card to my office (looks like a credit card). I set these on the dresser in the closet.

This morning, I went to the dresser to retrieve my access card, and it was gone. I generally spend at least 10 minutes in the morning trying to remember where I put things, or what I was supposed to take to work...etc, so this did not surprise me.

I tell my dear husband that I cannot find my access card and that it was on the dresser with a receipt, and ask him if he could please help me find it.

Then I get "the look". The "uh-oh, I just realized that I did something Michelle isn't going to like and she has discovered it" look.

Jeff: "Um...I threw that away yesterday"
Me: "Why would you do that"
Jeff: "Because I knew it was trash"
Me: "It wasn't trash, that is the way that I get into my office!!!!"
Jeff: "I figured it was from that place you went to the other day"
Me: "What place? What are you talking about?"
Jeff: "Um...that think it's still in the blue garbage can outside..."

Then he went out and fished it from the garbage can for me, which I appreciate.

He is going to make me crazy at a young age if he keeps doing this stuff. If he hadn't been home, I would have looked for who knows how long for that thing! I have already lost two, and I couldn't figure out where they had gone - I am pretty sure that I know now....

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