Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Go Texans! We Are Texans Tailgaters

I know I've shared a few photos of our tailgate team over the years...but I don't feel like I've shared much this season!

I LOVE our tailgate.  We've grown from 3 to 4 couples this year and it's been a great change.  We always have great friends stop by and visit, and our policy is the more the merrier!

Our season tickets are HIGH.  Like, three rows from the ceiling.  But, we love them, and as you can see, the view isn't that bad!

Texans games are out Sunday Funday dates!

Johnny and me, my favorite friends' boyfriend.

We had two COLD games this season!

I love this man!

The past two years we've been offered better seats...but we can't leave our friends that we sit with.  We've created such great friendships with the folks we sit around.  we are so lucky.

The last game of the season was the coldest yet.  And it was raining...the entire time.  It took me HOURS after we got home to warm up.  My bum and legs were freezing!

This is probably my favorite game of the season.  This is our official tailgating crew.  We are all so drastically different...salespeople, police officer, radiology tech, principal, college professor...

If you are ever at a Texans Game, please come stop by!  We would love to have you!