Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ellis Family Pictures 2014 - SEEM Photography Review

We have family pictures taken every year.  This year, we used a new photographer, Sarah, with SEEM photography.  We loved her and are so happy with our pictures!

It's really the only time each year that we get our pictures made as a family.  It's always crazy..finding a date that works, outfits that work, and a time of day that Jaxson will be at his best...#stressful

But I'm always SO HAPPY when we get them!
The session fee was VERY reasonable, it only took about 20 minutes, and Sarah was fantastic with Jaxson.  And, we got all of these prints digitally. 

I swear his pants are not this short when he is standing.  He is so long and lean that it's hard to get them long enough!  #wherestheflood

I am still in awe that God made me this precious little boy.  I hope that feeling never changes.

I'm thankful for this big boy too :)

I love this pic because it's adorable...but I feel HUGE in it. But, it still makes me smile.

This ended up being the main pic for our Christmas card.  Jaxson is actually laughing because he is pulling my hair...hard.  But, we are all smiling!

Thank you Sarah, for some great pics!  I love them!

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