Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Cash!

Jaxson's best friend, Cash, had his 3rd birthday party!  It was at a gymnastics place, Cypress Gymnastics.  Jaxson had a great time.

He wasn't scared of anything (shocking)

Jaxson & the birthday boy.


They had a ton of things for the kids to jump on.  The only hard part was that this is actually a serious, Olympic-athlete training facility (apparently Jonathan Horton trained here) so there are lots of safety rules.  It was hard for Jaxson to understand the one at a time on each activity thing.

But he still loved it.

So did Daddy

Jaxson sitting with "Gia-nanna".  He adores her.

Isn't she beautiful?


Our friends said that this was the best party yet, you pay, buy cupcakes and $50 worth of pizza, plates and decorations and then you go home without having to clean up.  What are your thoughts on parties at home versus parties at a place like this?  We've only done the at home, and are considering a venue for next year.  I'm curious to hear what you all do!

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