Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prayer Thursday

Hi Ladies! 

If you have a request, please put it in the comments below or feel free to email me -  I would love to pray for you!

Please please pray for all those suffering from the Wildfires.  Texas is on fire y'all, and it is so tragic and so scary.  We can smell the fire in the air - I cannot imagine losing my home, or worse, someone that I love to a fire.  I cannot stop thinking about people that were not able to get to their animals.  I have literally lost sleep thinking about poor little Bandit being in that situation and me not being able to get to him.  It is heartbreaking.

My good friend Lindsey emailed me with a prayer request this week.  A family friend, Christoper needs lots and lots of prayers.  Please, please pray for him and his family.  Here is her email -

Owana and Ray's son, Christopher has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer or his esophagus, upper stomach and pancreas.   He has been sick for about 2 weeks, had his Gall Bladder removed thinking that was the culprit, but did not improve.    After several ultrasounds, MRI's and CT scans he was still sick.   An upper GI revealed he has a golf ball sized tumor at the bottom of his esophagus.    He is 39, lives in Grand Prairie and he and Trisha have 3 children.     I talked to Owana earlier this morning and after a good nights sleep she has her battle armour on.    They are devastated and waiting to hear from the Oncologist today.   They just received the diagnosis late last night.   She said the surgeons words were "he will not survive this" and "this should not happen to an otherwise healthy 39 year old"    She said the surgeon wants to get his pain under control so he can go home and spend time with his family before starting his chemotherapy.    That is what Owana wants as well, but she said the oncologists may convince them otherwise.


Please pray for Molly & Marshal.  Their baby was stillborn at 25 weeks.  I cannot imagine the grief and pain that they are experiencing right now.

Please pray for Lianna and her husband.  They suffered a miscarriage.  Please pray for their comfort and healing.

Could you please pray for Christina, my coworkers cousin?  She has cancer and has 18 months of chemo left.  Please pray for her healing and her spirits - she is understandably having a very difficult time.
Could you please pray for our friend Jim?  His Dad has cancer and is currently undergoing treatment.  He is losing weight every day.  Please pray for his healing and his doctors.  Jim is about to move to Hong Kong to be with his family during this difficult time.

Could you please pray for my Grandparents?  They are living home alone right now with the help of nurses.  It is very, very difficult.  Please pray that they will let God guide them in their decisions for their futures and their care.  This is so hard on them and on my parents and it hurts to watch everyone go through this.  PRAISE - My Edaddy is able to drive again, and should be able to walk soon!  I am so proud of him and so thankful to God!

Please say a quick prayer for all the women waiting for God to bless them with husbands or babies.

I have two prayer requests this week.  I am making a pretty big decision with my career very soon and need some guidance from God as to what will be best for our family.  Please pray that he will guide me and that I will listen!  And, we are trying to decide what to do about Jaxson's baptism...please pray that we make the perfect decision on what to do.  I'll share more later.

Oh, and one more...I am sick as a dog!  I stayed home from work today and probably will again tomorrow. It killed me to send Jaxson to day care today while I stayed home, but I am so scared that I am going to get him sick.  Please pray that I don't get my sweet baby sick :)

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers!  Please let me know if we can pray for you!


Healthy Branscoms said...

Sending prayers... :(

Mrs.Olson said...

Perfect timing. I know you have been such a big prayer warrior for our journey so I happy to sign up again. Now we are up here in missouri and Im in bible school. David has yet to join me because his job schedule will not allow it. I want to pray for God to just give him a job on campus.. but we really just want to be obedient to what God wants. So...please pray for peace for my husband. He has been working 7 to 10 nights straight and he is fading fast. Blessings !