Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fantasy Football - I need a name!

Do any of you ladies play fantasy football? 

Hubby and I played in a couple's league last year and had so much fun!  Since half of those couples had babies this year (I'm telling you - there has been something in the water!!), we are all taking a year off.  But, my girlfriends are having one - Every Girls Fantasy!  hahaha!

I need a great, fun name for my team.  I am having the hardest time coming up with one!  I tried to google some fun names, and man, you can totally tell this is a man's game.  Lots of the names are D-I-R-T-Y!  So, I need help with a good team name for my team; and I KNOW some of you ladies are much more creative than I am!
Help me please :)  I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Kelly's Avenue said...

J's mommy =)

See this is my problem, if I ever did fantasy football or other sports I couldn't pick a good name lol

Nicole-Lynn said...

Sorry I didn't see this! Now it's too late! haha