Friday, September 2, 2011

It's HOT!

It's been a very warm summer here in Houston, Texas.  Too hot.  We have had like, 28 days or something like that over 100 degrees.  Oh my gracious that's hot.  How hot you ask?  Hot enough to do this -

You see, dear hubby will not swallow vitamins.  He doesn't like them.  So, to entice him to get his daily intake, I started buying him gummy ones.  He loves them!  These are his particular favorite -
Sundown, Marvel Heroes Gummie Multi-Vitamins, 180-Count
Sundown, Marvel Heroes Gummie Multi-Vitamins, 180-Count

So, when I ran to Target this week on my lunch break, I bought him a huge bottle for like, $15.  When I got home, we unloaded the Target bags, and this is what we saw -


One big sticky gummy vitamin.  Gross.  It smelled horrible.

So, learn from my mistake...when it is 100+ degrees outside, don't leave ANYTHING that isn't a paper product in your car.

Is it ever going to cool off???

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JJ said...

I have wondered the same thing every day!