Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jaxson - Week Two

Well, we have been parents for two whole weeks now!

Week 2 has been much harder than the first week.  I think it's because Jaxson isn't as tired anymore, and because my Mom isn't here.

Hubby's fiscal year ends this week, so I have been taking care of Jaxson pretty much all by myself because he is working long hours trying to qualify for conference.  I'm very, very tired.  I've been sleeping (ha!) on the couch and in the guest room with Jaxson so hubby can get some good rest for work.  I'm SO TIRED.  I haven't gotten more than three hours of sleep a night all week.  And for some reason, I have a really hard time sleeping during the day. 

Mommy and Jaxson having a much needed nap.

I'm healing much better this week.  I'm so thankful that part is becoming less painful.  And, my dr. put me on blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure was consistently higher than it was with my pre-eclampsia!  But, it seems to have it all under control now.  It's nice, because I'm usually hot all the time, but now I'm cold all the time!  I've been keeping the air at 78 during the day, which will save us a small fortune this summer, haha!

I love my swing!

Jaxson has started leaking out of his diapers.  It's oh so fun.  I had him in the bed with me this morning at 6AM (we had been awake since 2:45AM), and it leaked all over the sheets.  I cried.  I was so tired.  That was my weak moment of the week.  I don't think it's time to go up a size, so I'm not sure what to do.
I love car rides!

His umbilical cord fell off this week, but the center of it is still attached, so we still have to be careful with it.  His circumcision ring fell off too, and it healed perfectly!

He is still the cutest thing I have ever seen that has completely stolen my heart!

We had his two week dr. appointment, and he is just now back to his birth weight, which the dr. was not pleased with.  He should have gained about an ounce a day, which would have put him at almost 9 lbs.  He was only 8lbs 6oz.  So, we are on a new schedule.  I was demand feeding, and we would go anywhere from 1 - 4 hours between each feeding.  The dr. said this, and the fact that Jaxson has his days and nights mixed up, are why I am oh so tired.  So, now, I wake him up and feed him every two hours, no exceptions, feeding for 10 - 15 minutes on each side from the hours of 6AM - 12AM.  For the overnight hours, I feed him every three hours.  The first few days were very difficult, and made him very angry.  But, we are 5 days in and it is going well.  I actually had to set my alarm to wake him up for feedings last night! 

Future NASCAR driver?  Grandpa and Hubby spent Sunday looking up how to get kids started in go kart racing.  Turns out they can start when they are 5 years old and it's not too expensive to get we go!

Jaxson's head grew an inch, and so did his little body!  Now we just need him to gain some weight!  He is in the 97% for his height, so we are hoping he will be a tall fella!

Meeting Aunt Lenti!

My parents spent Memorial Day weekend with us.  It was so wonderful!  Watching them with their Grandbaby is so incredibly special.  It warms my heart.  My Daddy is so sweet with him!  My Mom took the night shift both nights, and it was amazing to catch up on some sleep.  I was starting to feel like a crazy person!  I can't imagine not having my Mom to help me.  I am beyond grateful for her!

I adore my Grandpa.  And I think the feeling is mutual :)
Saying my little prayers


Nicole-Lynn said...

Ohhh I don't think you realize how excited I was to see this post! So happy for you!!!

Ok, how precious is little Jaxson!? I especially love the last picture where it looks like he's praying! So sweet! I'm glad he's doing well and you seem to be doing well too! I'm sorry you're not getting a lot of sleep. I remember my friend who had her 1st a year ago didn't get much sleep either and she was literally like a zombie! haha It's ok, totally worth it. You'll have a routine going in no time!

Ok, now I need to catch up with the 1st week and other posts that I missed! :)

Laura said...

For the leaking try a different brand I've heard that can help... congrats again mommy and daddy :) I'm so happy for you.

Praying he is able to settle into a routine soon

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I have to agree with trying a different brand of diaper. All of my girls had leaking problems from time to time, and it wasn't because the diaper wasn't big enough. It was just one of those frustrating things. And it doesn't help when you're tired :( Hope you can catch up on some rest soon.

I would never try to go against what a pediatrician has recommended, but I'm surprised that the weight gain was such an issue. I had always heard that as long as they're close to birth weight by 2 weeks, that was great. My girls chunked up quickly, with the exception of Kam who was premature, but a friend of mine had a couple of her babies not be up to birth weight at 6 weeks! Of course, that was a problem. But I wouldn't worry too much about J's weight. He looks super healthy and happy!! :)

Adam and Wendy said...

He's precious! :) Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight! :)