Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Furniture!

With the new baby coming, hubby and I decided that we needed to upgrade our living room furniture.  We wanted leather for easy clean up, and something smaller than the recliners that took up half of our room.  We also needed a taller console table, one with doors to keep little hands away from chords and such.

Well, we found it!  We couldn't find a leather sofa, that, well, we thought we could "live on".  We spend a ton of time (don't judge - haha!) on our sofa, and we want it to be comfortable.  Plus, hubby likes to spread out, leaving me with a tiny corner of the sofa to curl up in.  We can't have something beautiful and fancy looking - haha!  So, we decided on leather chairs and a dark chocolate sofa.  What do you think?
Our console table.  Hubby and I wandered around hobby lobby and found these urns, bought all the insides, and he put them together!  All for about $120.  Not to shabby!  I was very impressed with his skills :)
Our new sofa.  We picked these pillows out at Pier One, and spent more on them than I usually EVER would - but they are the perfect size and we really like the pattern.

Our chairs.  We are searching or the perfect table to go in between them - this is just one that we had.  I'm sure we will find it soon!

Hope you like it!  Any advice on baby proofing or things we could add?

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