Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jaxson's First Horse Ride

We were so lucky to take Jaxson on his first horse experience!  His Godparents, Kris and Don have a very old horse, Buster.  They were kind enough to take Jaxson for a visit.  I think they loved it just as much as he did.

Buster is super sweet and very calm.  Jaxson wasn't scared for a second.  We actually had to keep reminding him not to run up behind the horses to keep him safe from getting kicked (work in progress that made this momma sweat!)

He LOVED sitting on Buster.

The property owner, Dawn, even gave him his first riding lesson.  She taught him how to sit on Buster, and how to ride without depending on the reins.  He did so great and listened so well!

New Friends.

I LOVE this picture.

I hope we get to go see Buster again soon!

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Kelly Denise said...

I love fun

Welcome back!!!