Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summertime Summertime...

I love Summer.  So does my little man.  We are at the playground, splash pad or pool almost every weekend day.

I mean, it's about a million and a half degrees here in Houston, so I guess most other people are doing the same thing ;)

Look at that grin!  I'd do just about anything to get one of those each day!

This one too ;)

And...Jaxson has discovered the magic of snow cones this summer.  He started the summer loving blue ones (blue cotton candy), but has changed over to red (cherry).  He asks to go get a snow cone EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

We humor him at least twice a week..sometimes lots more.

Jaxson is also loving splash day at Primrose.  They get to play in the sprinklers and little pools at his school during the summer.  He's going to be so sad when that ends in a couple of weeks.  They have snow cones there too (are you seening a trend?!)

We've also made a couple of road trips...Port O Connor, Dallas, Austin...we'll head just about anywhere!

Joe Cool

We also spend at least one afternoon a week fishing.  A perk of living by the lake that I love taking advantage of.  Daddy always joins and usually ends up manning the Buzz Light Year fishing pole.  

What would summertime be without cheap plastic cups that you throw away later?

And swimming in the backyard until your hearts content?

Bandit, who has quickly become Jaxson's little mascot, even hopped in for a cool dip.

Isn't this the cutest set?  I got it on sale for $8 during Gymboree's sale last month.  Score!

Yes, this was danger!  We had to buy a new snow cone because that one became brown soup.  EWWW!

We also went to McDonald's for the first time ever.  Hubby makes fun of me because I don't want to feed Jaxson their "food".  So, we tried it.  He took one bite of a chicken nugget and said, "Momma, that isn't chicken".  You're right baby, it isn't.  Please don't eat it.  Sometimes, Mommas know best!

And we've spent great times with special friends.

Play Doh is all the rage at the Ellis household...and has ruined one of our chairs...oops.

And we discovered popsicles....

I love summers.  Jaxson makes them so much more fun.  I can't wait for many many more!

What do you love about summertime?


Kelly said...

HOW fun!!!!

Would love to chat with you soon =)

Sara Lynn said...

It looks like ya'll have had a pretty darn good summer! Seeing him in the little pool in the backyard definitely reminded me of my childhood. My grandmother always bought those fun little blow up pools for me and my cousins to play with!