Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Week

We had a fantastic week!

My company is gracious enough to give us the day off on MLK day.  Hubby still had to work, but I had a wonderful "Stay at Home Mommy" day.  I know I need to work, and I like to work, but man, days like that make me question myself sometimes.  

I got up when Hubby did, and had the laundry done, breakfast made, the house picked up, and myself ready for the day before Jaxson work up.  We had breakfast together and lounged around for a little bit before we went to City Center to meet one of my best friends and her little girl for lunch.  It was so nice, walking around with Jaxson, riding the escalators, just spending the day together!  After lunch, we had an ice cream date.  Jaxson likes all the fruit flavors, and he chose to put cereal, tiny M&Ms, gummy bears, and sour gummy worms in his ice cream.  Me?  I'm all about the chocolate.  Did you know they have peanut butter fudge for a topping?  OMG.
Just look at that little face after his first bite!

After that, we headed over to our friend's house to have dinner with the two other couples that we tailgate with.  We've all been missing each other since football season is over.  The kids played and had a wonderful time, and us parents got to catch up and solve all the world's problems.
Sweet little friends.

I had my first week of bible study, and it was wonderful.  I really like my small group, and I'm already feeling the fellowship between these women.  I work with almost all men at my office, and I've missed that girl relationships that you see weekly.  I'm excited about this week.

So, as a kick start to getting my clothes to fit comfortably again after the holidays and being sick for 3 weeks, I started The Military Diet.  It's basically a three day limited diet chemically designed to promote quick weight loss.  Basically, you eat a controlled diet for 3 days, and then eat what you want (within reason) for the next 4 days.  Then you can start it again or do what you like.  I lost 4 lbs in the 3 days, and today is my first day or normal eating.  It really wasn't that 2 was rough around lunch time, but other than that I feel so much better, less bloated and more hydrated.  And, amazingly, I have a ton more energy...I didn't the first two days, but I did on day three, and even today.  Here's the blog that I followed if you are interested -

How was your week?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Hi friend! I have missed blogging and missed you! Life has been so chaotic lately with being busy with sweet baby Ava! I love being a momma though, things are going well. I'm so happy to hear that you're doing well, too. Gosh, I can't believe how big and growing Jaxson is now! He's such a cutie and I love reading about how he is doing as well as you and your hubby. Are you on Instagram yet? :)

Anonymous said...

AXE allowing people off on MLK day?? Oh, I get it, now you're with another emplouer. Glad y'all are well. Colin.