Sunday, September 8, 2013

Football is here!!!

Anyone that has followed this blog for any amount of time knows that I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!  I love our Texans and my Aggies!

Texans football has started off full swing.  We had an amazing first tailgate...we were chosen as the 3rd runner up for tailgate of the game!  We were so happy!  The judges came by and we served them our drinks and snacks...and Jimmy's famous chicken legs.  We should have won if you asked me...but the judges gave the husbands feedback that the winning team had girls in bikini tops.  Well, these 3 mommas are never going there, so 3rd place it is!

Here I am with Courtney and Sonia, my favorite tailgating friends.  This is our 3rd year tailgating together, and we just keep getting better!
P.S....My Mom made us these wine glasses.  I'll have to get a better picture of them so you can see.  They have the Texans logo and beautiful red, white and blue beads.  We plan on using them each week!
As we say in Aggieland...if you do something twice, it's a tradition.  Well, we have a new yearly tradition of heading to the A&M vs. Sam Houston game.  Hubby went to Sam and I'm an Aggie, so it's the perfect adventure for us! 
Obviously, Jaxson wears winning colors ;)
We met our long time friends, Britney and Brandon before the game for a few beers at an old nasty bar that I spent every Friday afternoon of my college career in...Dudley's Draw.  We had so much fun, that when we started to walk into the game and it started raining...that we turned around and walked right back inside.  We never made it to the stadium, but we had a fantastic time.
Football season means lazy weekends at home, tailgating, and trips to Aggieland with great friends.  What more could I ask for?
Do you have any fun football traditions that you love?  Are you excited about Fall?

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colin Webb said...

I would have enjoyed the bikini tops at the tailgate party, but I guess for a young mom that was not so appropriate!