Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summertime Summertime!

Hi Friends!

Summer has started off wonderfully at the Ellis household.  We are enjoying the sweltering Houston weather and spending some great time outside.

We got Jaxson his first pool and he loves it!  I ordered it on Amazon for $50 and it was worth every penny.  We've spent numerous afternoons out there.  I even love it!

Even Daddy loves the pool.

I love just love summer.  Everything about it.  Sunkissed skin, the smell of sunscreen, sitting outside all afternoon...Everything!

Jaxson loves watching the birds on our bird feeder.  Everytime he sees one he says, "say hi?" and runs over to the birds yelling "hug!".  Poor little guy doesn't understand why they fly away and don't want a hug.  He's so sweet.

How is your summer going?  What things do you love about summer?

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