Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jaxson's 2nd Birthday - Sesame Street!

My sweet baby boy turned 2!

And, of course, we had to celebrate Sesame Street style!

I spent way more time than I had to get his little party together, but I'm so happy that I did!  It was so fun and I was thrilled with the way everything turned out.  I loved loved loved seeing his reaction to all the decorations the day of the party.  It made me so happy to bring him joy!
Below are some of the details....
Are these not the cutest cups in the whole world?  Everyone LOVED them!  They had everything from lemonade to water to rum punch in them!  I ordered them from Kimberly's Foam Party.  She was amazing to work with and did such an amazing job!

The drink area.  We had rum punch for the adults (something that was requested over and over again as people RSVP'd from Jaxson's first birthday party...I don't know if I should feel proud or ashamed of that!), lemonade, iced team, roaring waters, and bottled waters.

I wrapped the bottled waters with stationary that matched our invites and theme.  I purchased the files from StoryBrookLane Crafts.  There were so many cute things...I just didn't have time to print them all!

The sign in table in our entry way.  I created a shutterfly photobook for his first birthday party, and had everyone sign it.  My goal is to do one for each year (at least until he is 18...) and keep them all for him so he can see who celebrated him when he was little and how much everyone loved him.

This is me before the party...next to my wreath that took 3 evenings to make with ribbon, pom poms, elmo and a cable tie. 

Hubby made this sign for me.  He was super sweet...went to Lowe's...bought the wood...painted it and attached the sign and grover.  It's now in our playroom and it makes me smile each and everytime I look at it.

This mural is 5x6 feet, and is STILL hanging in our entry way.  Jaxson LOVES it.  He hugs and kisses his "friends" every morning, and rides over there in his little truck to say hello to them in the evenings.  I can't bear to take it down yet.  It cost five dollars and I would have paid five hundred for it after seeing how happy it's made him!

Here he is with his Aunt Vallie.

I spent lots of time making poms for the party.  I made Elmo, Grover, and Cookie Monster Poms in small and large sizes.  They turned out super cute, but were a HUGE pain to make.  I still have them if anyone wants them...just email me. 

The food spread.  I did a terrible job at taking pics of the food.  We served...
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Little Cheese Smokies Wrapped in Crescents
Chips and Summer Salsa
Southern Living Grape Pasta Salad
Peanut Butter and Jelly Star Sandwiches
Homemade Chex Mix
I made his cake all by myself this year...and didn't even get a good picture of it.  It took half a day...but it was delish and way worth it.  Everyone loved it.  It had six layers and tons of sprinkles on top.  I took a lot of pride in making his cake myself.

We rented a bounce house for him...and he LOVED it!  I barely saw him or any of the other children all afternoon!  All the sweet little ones had red cheeks and happy smiles all day.

My Daddy and his best friend.

I was super PC and bought a pinata that had pull strings.  So, instead of beating cookie monster to death for candy, you just pulled the ribbons and one ribbon made all the candy fall out. 

The kids did great...taking turns and then pulling all the strings together...

I LOVE this picture.  Jaxson laughed and laughed as all the candy fell on his head!

And then the big kids pulled Cookie Monster's legs off....and Jaxson cried...

His favorite part of the day was everyone singing Happy Birthday to him.  When the song ended, he said "More, More!"  What a little Ham!

Our little family.  Thank you God for blessing us.

Here is Jaxson considering a bite of the rainbow cake.

The bounce house was amazing and worth each and every penny!

My Cookie Monster pom and the adorable tie I ordered him that he refused to wear.

The view from above.

My dearest friends from college.  I adore these ladies and would not be the woman I am today without their love and support.

My favorite Mommy friend!

My Daddy with "Kiss" and Don, Jaxson's Godparents.  Kristy hung each and every pom and swirlie for me the night before.

My partner in crime at work, Rebecca and her sweet son, Carter.

Toys toys and more toys.

Jaxson's Godparents...in Bert Orange!

After everyone left we had some adult jump jump time.  I've gotta tell you - it's fun!  A true stress relief!

Favors - Candy Bars


The view from the front door.

My Grover tissue pom

I wrapped all of these little candies

Jaxson loved all of his little friends!

Happy birthday to my precious 2 year old!  My life has changed in the most amazing way possible!  I love you!


Kelly said...

OMG this is the cutest party EVER

Happy late bday cutie

Nicole-Lynn said...

You did such a great job Michelle! I love all the cute details! Looks like Jaxson had a wonderful time. He looked so happy! :) Beautiful home BTW!!!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the huge mural from for $5?

Mrs.Teske said...

Wow! What an amazing job you did! I am putting together a Sesame Street party for my soon to be two year old, and I loved looking at your ideas! Where did you buy the mural? Do you still have the character pom poms? How did you make those? I'm not super crafty, but those are so stinkin' cute!