Sunday, January 20, 2013

Go Texans!!

So, football season has come to an end.  I'm heartbroken.  This year was so incredibly fun!

It was an AMAZING year to be an Aggie!!!!  Johnny Football is my hero!

We got to go to the first SEC game EVER!
And we watched my team beat Hubby's Bearcats...sorry  babe!
And...we beat the National Champions!  Even Jaxson got in on the action...
Take thank Bama!

And, we had a great year as Texans fans too.  This was the first year we had our season tickets, and they were worth every penny.  We tailgate with two other couples, and always have the greatest time.  Our little tailgate has grown and we always welcome any friends that might be able to stop by.  And...we named ourselves this year!  We Are Texan Tailgaters!!  I love it!
We were even featured on the local news this season!

It's like our date night.  We love it.  And I miss it already!

And we get some amazing time with great friends.

We went to our first charity dinner for The Texans this year.  We had a great time, and it resulted in my new crushes on Owen Daniels and JJ Watt.  Oops.
Ben Tate.  War Eagle!

JJ Watt.  He is the sweetest thing!

Even though his season ended up on a rough note, I still love Matt Schaub.

Like all good things, this season had to come to an end.  I am counting the days till the first home game!!!

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