Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Jaxson's second Halloween was super fun!  We dressed him up as his most favorite character ever...COOKIE!  He grunts and grunts cookie all day long.  It's precious...and creepy sometimes - haha!
We went over to our old neighborhood for trick or treating.  I miss our old neighbors so much.  They were so sweet and welcoming!
Jaxson wasn't scared of anything.  Not the scary monsters, pumpkins...nothing!  I'm telling you, this little boy is fearless!
I bought an Emlo and Big Bird shirt for Hubby and I to wear.  Jaxson loved it!  He kept pointing at our shirts with pure excitement.  It make it worth every penny!

I always like to post a few pics of what our house looks like decorated.  Nothing too terribly exciting, but a few little touches here and there :)

How was your Halloween?

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw he looked so cute in his costume! I'm glad he had a nice time and how funny he wasn't scared of anything! :) Love your halloween decor too!