Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Home at Christmas

I love love love Christmas.  I love the tree, the glitter, the lights...everything!  Here are some pictures of our tree and our home this year.
Our tree!  It is not matchy or designer store quality, but each of these ornaments mean something to us.  They are from trips, gifts from loved ones, and very fond memories.  My parents have me an ornament each year, and I have them all on our tree.  I love them.  Putting the tree up is a beautiful walk down memory lane each year.

This was my favorite bow this year.  Green and glitter?  Yes please!

Our first Christmas crystal ornament, and my Aggie one!  Two of my faves :)

I love wrapped presents!!

A few little Christmas touches on our baker's rack

Hubby's peguin candles and the beautiful flower my Mom gave us last year

How fun are these trees?  They are made of glass beads and seashells!  My Aunt Cinny made them - can you believe it??!!  I am so proud to have them.

Here's a close up shot, because I just can't resist :)

What is your favorite part of decorating for Christmas?


Becca said...

Those seashell trees are gorgeous. How does she do that?

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very pretty tree, and love the decor! Especially the trees made out of shells and starfish! So cute!

michelle ellis said...

Thank you ladies so much! I need to ask her to take pictures the next time she makes one. They are cone forms, and then she glues the shells on in rows, and makes a mix of glass beads and glue, and uses a chop stick to push the bead mixture in between the shells. It's tedious and time consuming from what I understand, but I think it's so worth it! I just love them!