Saturday, October 30, 2010

Battle of the Piney Woods!

We started a new tradition with our friends this year - tailgating at the Sam Houston vs. SFA game at Reliant!  We had so much fun!  Hubby and his buddys went to Sam Houston, and made the wise decision to marry Aggie girls :)  haha!  Even though  Sam Houston lost, we really enjoyed our day! 
Me & Hubby

The Smith Family

The boys decided they wanted to play like they were still in college and shotgun a couple of beers before we went into the game.  They were too funny!

Some things never change :)

We had great seats!

I think it's a sign you are getting older when you think the college cheerleaders look like they are tiny and about 13 years old...they were so itty bitty and adorable!

This is where hubby set up camp after the game.

And then he danced...

and danced some more...

We are now the proud owners of this cone.  And its twin.  Hubby decided we needed them.  See that beer in Josh's hand?  This is seconds before it was poured down the cone...haha!

What a day!


Laura said...

lol, nice dancing...

Candice said...

Ha! Boys WILL be boys!! Looks like lots of fun!

Joanna said...

Y'all are TOO cute! Looked like a lot of fun!