Wednesday, December 3, 2014

30 Things Before 30...WOW...

So...4 years ago...yes FOUR years ago...and as a lovely 28 year old...I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30.  I stumbled across this post while I was looking through my blog for my Summer Squash Bake (which I've now pinned so that exercise should never happen  I thought it would be fun to see what progress I've made...and how these things have changed!

1. Read the Bible. Yes, all of it. Well...this didn't really work out.  BUT - I've honestly made great progress.  I'm 83% of the way through!

2. Become and active and contributing member of a Church.  YES!  We've joined Fairfield Baptist Church, and I've been getting active!  I've done two of the women's bible studies and I substitute in the nursery from time to time.  

3. Treat my Mom to a spa day.  Done!

4. Get Jeff a racing day. Oh goodness...I think he's had at least a dozen.
5. Organize my recipe book.  Done!

6. Get on a schedule where I make a point to see my girlfriends once a month. Both sets of them.  I'm getting better at this one!

7. Get hardwood floors! - Well, we bought a new we have all new floors!

8. Pay off my new car - Well, it's not new anymore...but it's just about paid for... turns out a child was more expensive than I ever could have imagined!

9. Finish emergency fund.  Well, I finished it for what my target was at the time, but due to our standard of living changes I'd like to have a larger one in place.

10. Work out 3x weekly for a month Yeah...this one was a fail.  Life is too busy for this right now. 

11. Organize closets (all three of them!) - Done!

12. Paint our home - all the rooms! - Done in our old house!  Thankfully I don't want to paint anything in the new house!

13. Buy bedroom furniture - Done!

14. Daily devotionals - Doing them!  Spending time with God daily makes a HUGE difference in my day.  I can totally tell on days where I don't take the time.

15. Join a volunteer organization - Done!

16. Tithe the entire 10% - Always - no matter what.  I have done this & I, am very happy that I have.  I feel like I am doing the right thing, and showing God how grateful I am and that I can be a responsible steward of his money.

17. Adopt a family for Christmas - Yes!  This is our second year doing this and I LOVE it!

18. More DIY projects - I know I can be crafty!  I've done quite a few, and plan on doing more!

19. Have a booth at a craft show - This is likely never going to happen, I work too much unfortunately. 

20. Take a wine 101 class - Done! In Fredericksburg! It was great! 

21. Have wedding dress cleaned / repaired - Done! It's all cleaned and boxed up...for something... 

22. Make a scrapbook for 2009 - There is no time for things like this...

23. Finish wedding book - Done! 

24. Order wedding album - Please don't judge...We've been married 5 years and I haven't even thought about it...maybe in 2015 

25. Get rings sautered - Done!

26. Buy Jeff a nice watch - Oops...sorry honey.  You've taken up racing one a month instead :)

27. Get a T-Shirt quilt made - This one is still on this's just finding the time...

28. Refinish table in the man room - I can't even remember what table I was talking we will just conside this one done...

29. Sew stockings from wedding fabric - I ordered stockings from Pottery need for this one any longer!

30. Sew tree skirt from wedding fabric - I still want to do this!

It's so fun looking back and seeing how much things have changed!  Looks like I accomplished 23 of the 30 tasks...I think I'll take it!  Perhaps I should make a before 35 list....

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