Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Packing, packing and more packing

I despise moving.  Really I do.  I used to love it.  When I was single and it was just me and Bandit against the world, I moved every time my lease was up.  I always figured, why not?  You only get to be young and single once!  I lived in The Heights area (near downtown), in The Woodlands, and then moved near my job on the Northwest side of town.  It was fun!  Now, moving an entire home, not so fun.  I just keep thinking of how exciting it will be to be in our new home!!!  That won't be ready for two more months.  UGH.

God is good.  He works everything out for us.

I am so incredibly grateful to my friend Missy that is letting us move into her townhome until our house is ready.  That is so gracious of her!  I am going over there on Wednesday so she can teach me everything I need to know and start getting settled.

This is what my house looks like right now.  A HOT MESS. 
It stresses me out.

It's pretty easy to pack up the things we are not going to need until we are in the new house.  The anxiety comes in when I determine what to put into storage and what to pack to take to Missy's house.  I guess there isn't anything that we couldn't buy if we needed it, right?

We are "supposed" to close on Friday, but the buyer's lender hasn't confirmed the funding yet, so it isn't totally finalized.  I promise you that I will do a post on this whole process and list out all the questions that I had.  I've never sold a home before, and man, there are lots of things to think about!

So, in order to not be stressed, I visit the new house.
We have a roof!
Here is the view from the front door.
We took Jaxson to visit for the first time!  Here we are in his bedroom.
The gameroom
The view from upstairs.  On the catwalk.  Is that really what you call that?  I think I'd rather say, "the landing".
Hubby is getting his three car garage at last.  And, it's even pretty!  I love the arches!

Any good packing advice???


Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I know the packing can be stressful but just stay as organized as you can and all will be fine! I would definitely try to list all the contents in each box on the outside of the box so just in case you should need something while your house is being built you can find the stuff you need easily! I did this with wedding stuff, packed them all in boxes and labeled everything and it really helped.

Tracy said...

The house looks GREAT! I wish I had packing advice to help you with the stress, but I am a terrible packer, and I absolute despise moving!!! Only because I hate to pack and unpack! You'll get through it though; just one box at a time! And it's going to be so worth the stress! Very excited for you all! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Just popping in to see how your move went? Is your house finished? Hope all is well! Thinking of you!